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Enchanted Wedding | Harry Potter Details | Forest Park | Washington University | Quail Ridge Lodge

Everyone has their own opinions on themed weddings...but no matter what yours may be, there's no arguing that Kaylen and Dylan had the perfect balance of fun and elegance on their big day!! I was reeling over all the Harry Potter nods that added such a whimsical note to the whole affair! Kaylen has such a beautiful, fiery spirit and you could see it reflected in all her bridal details; from the last minute choice to dye her wedding dress an ombre' blue, to her queen-of-the-forest crystal embellished crown...and let me tell you.... I was HERE FOR IT! Covid-19 canceled their plans for a romantic mountain elopement in Colorado but everyone was all smiles and happy tears as they re-formulated their plans for a local wedding and reception! It went off without a hitch and I was so honored to be a part of it all. Cheers and many happy years to the new Mr. & Mrs. Ferry!

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