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Alison and Cole | Glamorous Backyard Wedding | Creek Bride and Groom | Warrenton, Mo.

So honored to be able to take these photos for some dear old friends! I remember catching tadpoles in the creek with Cole and my little brothers as a kid! So it was only fitting that we ended up in a creek yet again at his wedding! Alison was an absolutely stunning bride and it's obvious she is the perfect match for Cole! This wasn't the venue they had planned for their...but with Covid-19 canceling their wedding venue option they quickly re-grouped and created a stunning backyard affair for their family and close friends! Alison was full of grace and poise with all the changes that were happening and she had such a sweet smile on her face throughout the entire day, you could tell it truly didn't matter where they were....they were finally husband and wife! What a joy to be a part of this beautiful union! Congratulations Alison and Cole! Enjoy a few highlights from your big day!

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