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Sophia joël

If you didn't know me do now

Sophia Joël


 MEET YOUR NEW HYPE GIRL! my whole mission behind the camera is to take the Wedding Day stress off my clients. Worried about posing? I handle staged and candid moments with ease. I want to give you the wow factor on your wedding day!

 I'Ve been behind the camera for 5 years, completely self taught and on fire to learn all the latest lighting techniques, posing tricks, and editing magic to make your photos stand out from the crowd.

I keep it so real on wedding day. I'm not afraid to be loud when you need the family rounded up for formals. I'm eager to listen to your needs if too many people are pulling you different directions. 

I keep things moving and Light hearted throughout the day. Specializing in flattering
poses for all body types: You can call me 
the double chin hiding queen. I make sure that you are looking your best at all times throughout the day. 

The Fam...



I married this bearded hunk in 2013 and we couldn't be happier! I am so grateful to have a man who completely supports my business above and beyond the call of duty!


Andrew is also self employed running his own home repair business. We love the independence of being self-employed!   

I'm the homeschool mama of two tiny tots... Fletcher and Tater!

(Well her name is officially Evelynn but darned if she knows that)

These babies are the reason for everything I do! Andrew and I both came from big families and we love babies! Such a gift from God! 


We're country folks at heart! We are currently renovating an old 1800's farmhouse on 4 acres in the middle of nowhere.

We love the small town pace of life!

My husband Andrew dreams of turning all 4 acres into the perfect a permaculture property someday. I'd just be happy if we could master some basic landscaping!  We're so close to the house being finished! And we'll probably stay that way for a good couple years, ha!


If you had told this brown girl 10 years ago that she'd give birth to this creamy blonde, hazel-eyed beauty I would have laughed so hard! 

We love keeping people guessing in the stores! Yes, he's mine. And yes, God's creativity is a beautiful thing!

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