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How I'm Serving My Photography Clients Through Covid-19

Whoa, 2020...making quite the impression. Election year, world-wide pandemic, murder hornets...I don't know about ya'll but I'm ready for this movie to have a HAPPY ENDING! First and foremost just know that my heart is going out to all families affected by this virus. My heart is aching for people directly and indirectly affected. We can't forget to keep praying for our nation and the families that make it up. While photography has never been considered an essential business I am still able to fully serve my clients while we all navigate these new waters! Here are some real steps I've taken to ease the burden off my bride's and grooms during this stressful season!

- Temporary suspension on monthly payments offered. If you are on a monthly payment plan and you are struggling to make ends meet during this time. Do NOT sweat it. I am offering a hold on all payments with no penalties. And flexible after wedding payment plans to accommodate every current clients needs. - A Lower Retainer Fee At Booking I operate on a flat fee retainer system to keep things simple and easy on my couples. There's no crazy large percentage due at booking to secure your wedding date. There is a flat rate $600 retainer due at booking but now in light of these times I wanted to lower that barrier to entry so 2021 brides could still get there date on the books. Now through October 2020 there is just a $450 retainer due to secure your date regardless of the collection you choose!

In Person Consultations Replaced With Video Calls

In an effort to allow everyone to stay safely home I am no longer encouraging in person coffee dates! Instead all of our preliminary communication will be via email and video chat! I 100% support FaceTime consultations because I still love to get a feel for your vibe and energy and for you to get a sense of mine! I really feel it's important as you decide if we're a good fit!

- Complimentary Elopement coverage

Many of my APR-JUN couples have opted to still keep their wedding date for a small elopement and schedule a larger reception for a later date in the year. I have amended my client contract to allow a split of the hours of coverage on two separate dates to accommodate any such plans with zero penalties. As long as I have the date free I will happily bend over backwards to make your vision come true!

- Photographer/client health precautions

For precautionary measures I am ensuring that I do not take any jobs if someone in my household (hubby or the kiddos) has had a fever or cold in the last two weeks. We have taken all the necessary precautions for ensuring our family stays home and healthy during this time. In kind I'm asking all of my clients to confirm the same before our scheduled session date. This one kills me because I'm a TOTAL HUGGER guys...but I will be maintaining social distancing to the best of my ability during all new sessions.

Digital Photo-booth Precautions

Due to the nature of our touch screen interface a new policy will go into effect that only the Photo-Booth attendant may access and touch the booth. The attendant will keep the same fun upbeat atmosphere by simply asking which selections, filters, and options your guests desire and get the booth set up for them! This will protect both your guests and our equipment from cross contamination. The Photobooth will also be wiped down and disinfected regularly during your event! All props that require contact with eyes, nose, and mouth will be temporarily suspended from the prop table! Hats, signs, boas, are not affected for example.

We will get through this time together friends! Thanks for supporting my business and being incredible clients through these crazy times! I'm here for you!

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