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Going Grey With Mom

Christy called me a few months back with an idea and I knew right away that I wanted to be apart of it. Christy's mom, Jeanie had been wrestling with the idea of going grey for a while. The idea was proving harder to process than first anticipated and Jeanie was growing sad at the idea of giving up this tradition of so many years. This mother and daughter duo have always been extremely close and Christy began cheering her mom on convincing her that it was not the end of something but rather the beautiful start of something new! Somewhere amidst their conversations and to her own surprise Christy began slowly convincing herself of the freedom that going grey could provide and she decided to share the news with her mom on camera! Christy also had been dyeing her hair since her 20's as she started showing silver early. "I took some time and really made sure it was what I wanted to do. I'm nervous about if I'll like it but at the same time there is no standard of beauty that we are responsible for meeting at any age. Men are praised and often encouraged to go grey in our society, we tell them they look 'distinguished' or 'polished'. But the idea of women going grey in your 30,40's, and 50's still shocks a lot of people. I'm excited to do this with my mom" - Christy during our initial phone call

I literally got goosebumps on the phone and couldn't wait to help her tell Jeanie. So under the guise of a multi-generational session Christy brought her own daughter, Megan, and her mom to my house! Megan lingered in the car for a few moments so she could bring in a special sign Christy had made without her grandmother noticing. We started off with some adorable 3-generation pictures (so that we weren't totally lying) and then I handed them a "mother/daughter sign I wanted to try out". After a few frames, Christy asked her mom if she wanted to know what the sign said....

Christy let me share these in hopes that maybe more daughters would feel at liberty to not only TELL their moms that it would be beautiful to go grey but to SHOW their moms that it's beautiful to go grey. #goinggreywithmom

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