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Katie & John | Country Engagement Session | Tractors, Hay Bales, + Breathtaking Golden Hour

John proposed to Katie on his property where there future home will be built, so it was only fitting that we took their engagement photos at the same romantic spot. The hay bales that held up his "Will You Marry Me?" signs were still stacked up on the hill. It was such a peaceful location! I kept eyeing the old barn on their farm, there was something so beautiful about the sun pouring in through it's run down walls. You could tell the interior used to be an old sale barn. The ticket window was still standing! "You don't wanna take pictures in there, it's liable to come down on top of us!" said John "Oh we're so going in now!" We made it out alive. And it was SO worth it. Congrats on your engagement Katie and John, thanks so much for a lovely session!! Cannot wait for your wedding!

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