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Abby and Justin | Elegant Barn Wedding | The Daisy Farm | Jefferson City Wedding

There is something about childhood friends getting married that hits me right in the feels. This young man grew up with my brothers. Justin had a manly mustache by age 12 and was a country boy to his core. He was over at our house playing computer games with my brother's until the wee hours of the morning. I could go on and on about those memories. But instead, let's talk about the new ones he just made with his absolutely STUNNING bride Abby. They were married at the gorgeous Daisy Farm in Jefferson City, Missouri. This venue is full of rustic beauty and charm! There was a cozy getting ready house for the girls to get ready in...I was blown away by how calm and peaceful everyone was in the moments leading up to the ceremony. You could tell that this was a match made in heaven and everyone was just blessed to be a part of it. Abby's grandmother made all of the floral arrangements and my jaw was on the ground. She did an incredible job making her grandbaby's vision come to life! This day was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Justin and Abby, You guys are amazing! I seriously couldn't be happier for the two of you! Thank you so much for letting me cover this beautiful day! Praying for a long life of happy memories as you begin your life together!! Enjoy re-living some of the highlights from your day!


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