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Lauren & Randy | Missouri Botanical Gardens | Tower Grove Park | Engagement

It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all. You're welcome. But seriously, it is. I graduated high-school with Lauren's older sister and at that time I had hardly ever touched a camera, so who would have ever guessed that I would be photographing a wedding for the Kenyon family 11 years later! My hats off to Lauren who completely trusted me when I said we would still have our engagement despite the gloomy overcast and drizzle.

It always works out guys! Seriously. Overcast is beautiful, even light but it can also be very flat light that leaves colors dull. I always strive to have vibrant colors that pop off the screen in all my images! So it's a good thing I had my sexy, bearded assistant manning the OCF for this shoot! Haha, thanks babe!

But seriously, I can't even say how amazing working with Lauren and her family has been. Every coffee date we've had has turned into beautiful, heart-felt discussions about life, marriage, and faith. It's such a rare thing to feel so in-tune with your clients that you feel like you're around family! My two favorite moments from this session... That time I asked them to kiss and they said "Actually we're waiting for our first official kiss to be at the wedding" Guys. Stop ADORABLE are these two?? They were so at ease with each and perfectly comfortable in each other's arms that I just knew this would be one kiss well worth the wait! But that didn't stop me from making them get all up in each other's faces for those steamy "almost kiss" shots. My other favorite moment happened when Randy actually caught a ginormous bullfrog out of the fountain at Tower Grove Park and freaked Lauren out of her mind with it! The drama deliciously ended in an all out water-fight and I couldn't have been more okay with it. Lauren and Randy, you two compliment each other perfectly! I am SO excited to be documenting your beautiful story! Cheers!

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