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Heather & Dan | Engaged | Faust Park

"I've waited a long time for my soul mate, and it was worth every minute" From my very first phone call with Heather I could tell how wildly in love she was with Dan. I knew I was going to be head over heels for this sweet couple! From their first date, then Dan's baptism, and their romantic proposal at Castlewood State Park...I have been soaking up every delicious detail of their story! We sat down for their coffee consultation and I got to hear all about their heart for my Jesus and it made my heart so happy! "It's not about us, it's about honoring the Lord and we hope that this wedding is a great witness to all of our friends and family." Gah! Could they be any more perfect? I simply cannot wait for their wedding next month. Thank you Heather and Dan for letting me walk alongside you and create these keepsakes for you! Cheers!

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