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Alina + Blake | Old Peace Chapel | Vintage Church Wedding | STL Photographer

"Not long after we started dating, Blake and I were going to the pumpkin patch together. On the way there he sang the song "Ocean Front Property" to me (he is always singing to me in the car). Afterwards he asked me if I knew what the song was about. I said that I didn't and he of course explained that it was about a guy saying that he DOES love the girl. It was not until a couple months later that I realized that was his way of telling me that he loved me. Still my favorite thing when he sings that to me!" This couple...this day...was everything my little country heart could ever want in a wedding! I absolutely adore these people and absolutely drooled over their intimate venue. Old Peace Chapel is THE classic little-white-country-church! romantic + rustic + vintage I'm in love! You would never guess how incredibly sticky and hot this day was by the look on Alina + Blake's faces! This couple locked eyes on each other in the aisle and never looked back. To the bride and groom: What an absolute privilege to capture your engagements and now your wedding! Thank you for trusting me with these memories! I hope you are able to look back on your wedding with such joy and fondness for years and years to come! Cheers!!

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