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Thompson Wedding | Alex + Floxy | The Conservatory | La Belle Ceour

"We met in college. He was a student athletic trainer doing his rotation with the women’s soccer team. I was always injured." --The rest is history. Floxy and Alex were a dream from their consultation to their final dances! I could tell they were under a lot of stress leading up to the wedding but only love and excitement shone on their faces when we arrived! Rain couldn't ruin their was time to get hitched! Every thing about this wedding was breath-taking! Wherever I took this bride for photos people would stop us and freak-out about her dress. One old woman in the Ameristar lobby literally clutched her chest and whispered, "What a stunning bride, I've never seen a dress so beautiful!" Mission accomplished! Alex made my heart sing with his sweet tears as he watched his bride walk down the aisle. You know it's love when the groom already saw his bride earlier for photos and STILL cries as she walks down to become his wife. Everyone's heart skipped a beat when Floxy locked eyes with the man of her dreams and they both started to lose it. All the feels you guys. All the feels. The details were not left forgotten in this garden-glam wedding. From the wine-box ceremony to the unique Instax guest-book I was in love! Feast your eyes ladies and gents...feast your eyes.

To the Thompsons; thank you so much for trusting me to capture these sweet memories for you. What an absolutely beautiful wedding! Hope you enjoy re-living some of these wedding day moments!

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