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Dad's First Look

Sometimes in life, our true strength is shown at the most difficult of times. I’ve seen this strength in watching you fight cancer time after time and time again. Instead of sadness or anger, I chose to remember the times you loved me more than anyone else in the world. Thank you for fighting when you have felt weak. Thank you for not giving up your fight when it may have felt like the easier option. Thank you for teaching me that life is short – to love fiercely, to travel, to work a job I’m passionate about, and to marry my best friend. I will never be ready to lose you, but I know that I am the person I am because of you and I hope I made you proud. I will love more each day because of the way you loved me. Forever a daddy’s girl - Stephanie

Wedding planning can be extremely difficult...especially when you are planning your St. Louis wedding from out of state like Stephanie But the importance of all the little details can suddenly fade into the background when a loved one's health takes a turn for the worst. Tears fell as I read her email asking for a simple photo-session where her dad could see her in the "getting ready" stages of wedding day as we had previously planned but just a few weeks early since time with her dad was limited and incredibly precious these days! As a photographer I know I'm supposed to keep things professional but every time I've met up with Stephanie during her wedding planning process I've felt like I've known her for ages and ages even though I haven't! She is such a kind soul and easily everyone's best friend...I was extremely honored to help them with this session. Stephanie and her stepmom sat quietly, enjoying the company of the man they both love and cherish. The moments that followed brought tears to my eyes, a bittersweet mixture of emotions. There is nothing more precious than a father and his baby girl, through all the stages of life. So humbled that Stephanie suggested I share these photos for their family in hopes that someone else who might be going through this would know they are not alone. Sending so many prayers and thoughts to this sweet family.

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