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Johnson Wedding | Macoupin County Courthouse

Waking up to sounds of wind and thunder on your wedding day is usually not on any bride's wish list...needless to say I was slightly disheartened on the drive up to Carlinsville, Il as my husband and I battled a pretty intense storm. "So it doesn't matter if it rains right?" laughed Andrew. I loved having my husband along for this wedding. He had rather hesitantly agreed to become my second shooter/assistant a few months back and he was trying his best to feign confidence. "I've never had a wedding rain out completely. We'll be fine!" I'd love to sit here and pretend that I knew the ominous clouds would part just as the wedding-party portraits were set to begin and I'd love to take credit for that breath-taking blue sky... But I can't. It was truly a wedding day miracle! Regardless, the ethereal inside of this historic courthouse would have been enough for this photographer's heart! I had been anxiously awaiting Katie and Matt's wedding ever since we did their engagements last Fall...and it did not disappoint! Between the rich jewel-toned bridesmaid's dresses and the men's array of floral ties I was hooked. The love and joy on this day was so evident not only between the happy couple but also from their sweet gathering of family and friends. Katie had such thoughtful touches incorporated into all of her decor, my favorite had to be the fabric/lace roses her in bridal bouquet that were made from the same material as her mother's wedding gown. Be still my heart. Kaitlyn & Matthew I hope you enjoy re-living some of these fun moments as much as I do!

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