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Why I Stopped Booking Newborn Photos...

About a month ago I announced on my Facebook page that I would no longer be offering in-studio newborn photos. Considering that was a good 40% of my business I know I surprised a lot of people.

While it's true that weddings and engagements are quickly taking over my portfolio that really wasn't the driving force behind my decision. Photography is a world of TRENDS.

I live in that world now. My newsfeed is chucked full of groups, pages, forums, articles, and other artist's ideas ...I am constantly inundated with how the world thinks I should be running my photography business. I felt like everyone stuffed babies in baskets, put fur all around them, and then stacked on random props to fit a specific theme. This is how everyone does newborn... So why was I getting SO burned out? I realized that for me...something was missing in this equation. The parents.

The connection.

The real family feel.

It really hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm sorry guys, there's just no going back for me. Now don't get me wrong...I have MAD appreciation for all the togs out there who work their behind's off and portray excellent newborn's a seriously skilled genre and they tell a beautiful, unique tale! But in the end...I've found the story I want to tell... There's hard work involved...

There's joy...

And yes, there's even a few tears...

But it's all a part of this beautiful journey you get to experience together.

I've simply decided that I don't want to add to or take away from that indescribable bond...I just want to capture it as it happens.

((Special thanks to the Dieckhaus Family for allowing me to share these moments with you))

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