In-Studio Maternity Session - Troy, Mo.

I try to take great care in planning out my sessions with my clients. There is a lot behind the scenes that goes into telling your story. But when it rained on the day of her maternity session I asked Danielle what her preference was ... Re-schedule so we can get those warm, golden hour photos we talked about .... creative and try something new that I had in mind? Goodness, I love it when my clients trust me....and goodness I love this couple! We opted to use my studio room for a more intimate take on maternity and I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. Danielle was absolutely glowing in her beautiful floor length maxi dress and Tim couldn't take his eyes off her. I got a little giddy when he said "Gosh, you just look beautiful baby." So many sweet moments captured using just one room! Their chemistry was unreal. Baby Jocelyn, I cannot wait to meet and photograph your beautiful snuggly self....but I know I'll have to get in line...these parents are absolutely SMITTEN already.

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