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Richardson Wedding | Eureka, Mo.

Russell + Mackenzie are without a doubt a perfect match.

Watching their chemistry is breathtaking and it was an honor to capture their wedding. Having met just a little over a year ago there was no stopping true love...when it's's right. Despite their wedding day boasting the highest temperatures to date in Missouri, nothing seemed to faze this sweet couple. They were oh so in love and oh so ready to be married! Joy was in the air as the bride got ready with her closest friends and family at her parent's beautiful home in Eureka, Mo. And they guys were all laughs at the groom's condo just a short distance away! Here are just a few highlights from their beautiful day!

One of my favorite moments happened directly after their beautiful ceremony. Mr. & Mrs. Richardson exited down the aisle after their first kiss as husband and wife for a quick moment alone before the rest of the wedding party entered. Russell got to take a deep breath and really take in his beautiful bride from head to toe.

His tearful smile says it all. He has found the one whom his soul loves.

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